Button Hunting at Easter

It is Easter, and I am on a button hunt. I do know that it is the not the kind of hunt you are supposed to be on during Easter, but not unusual for me though! Where do I go? My favorite button treasure trove is Perlehuset/The beading house in Grønnegate off Hedgehaugsveien in Oslo – here: perlehuset. It is a tiny shop but do not be fooled the selection is off another world and their warehouse is numerous times the size of the shop – yes, I do know because I have been there. You can read about my exploration of it here: thousands-of-tons-of-buttons-and-beads. Of course I have to check out their latest selection of beads as well while I am there – their latest offerings on Facebook has made me very curious indeed: semi precious stones on a string. No, not for knitting but for making jewelry. Do study their tempting window display below. God Påske is Norwegian for Happy Easter and that is what I wish you all!