Blue Lagoon

High on the list of places to visit while in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon, hot springs, located approximately 40 minutes outside of Reykjavik. A body massage which takes place in the water, was a must according to a good friend of mine. Take any appointment you can have, was the advice. And yes, I did follow it.

From quite a distance to the Blue Lagoon you can spot the steam, among all the volcanic stones covered in moss. It has a scenic beauty that takes your breath away. With only a few degrees above 0, you do not feel the cold due to the warm geothermal seawater holding a constant 37-39°C / 98-102°F. The composition of minerals in the water is very distinctive and has a high level of silica, which is available in wooden boxes around the Lagoon. It cleanses and exfoliates your skin and you are recommended to leave it on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes. People with scary white faces, covered in Silica mud, appears out of the steam constantly while you move around in the Lagoon.

A small part of the Lagoon is reserved for treatments and massages. A tag gave me the access to it. While I was waiting for my masseur, an Asian woman I thought in my ignorance, a blond bodybuilder of an Icelandic man appeared. He was indeed my masseur and had very strong hands. Floating in the mineral-rich water, on a yoga mat, surrounded by the natural elements and pure Icelandic air, was a unique experience for body and mind. While my body was swirling slowly around in the lagoon, I was watching the blue sky and the steam surrounding me, I could feel my tensions float away, just as my mind did.  My advice is take any appointment for a massage you can have. You will not regret it…


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