Knitting with Suede

I felt inspired when I saw this stunning jacket and scarf , hand knitted in suede cord, featuring in the window display at Zenit in Oslo. In my hands the suede felt utterly soft and wonderful to the skin. The only reason it did not accompany me home was the price tag of £ 500 for the generous scarf in a faboulous white colour with a grey tone. But since I can knit so there is no need for despair on my part and my next mission would be to find a suitable suede ribbon to knit with.

Yesterday, I visited MacCulloch & Wallis, London’s most acknowledged haberdashery store established 1902 as a supplier to the fashion trade. The store looks very much the same as it did then with a few modifications, and is well worth a visit. It is always busy, even more so with a film crew that entertained us while we were queuing at the till. The website is actually a lot easier to navigate, than the shop itself. See

My mission was successful, even though it is yet not completed since there are numerous suede cords to be found online in different width, colour and price range. I also discovered that in my love for small knitting needles, I have only a limited number of larger ones and need to buy a chunky size to continue on my mission. The plan is to design a knitting pattern for a hugging scarf that you would not want to take off…