Report from Knit Café at Kaffistova

Thursday evening I was back in the basement at Kaffistova, it is a quiet small room ideal for meetings and gatherings, where I used to meet a few fellow students for group discussions during my days at the University of Oslo but this time I was invited to give a presentation of my book by Oslo Fylkeshusflidslag/ Oslo County Handicraft association. There were approximately 40 women present when I arrived after a book signing event at Husfliden, see next 2 photos below, some had already been knitting for a couple of hours. I was way too busy to take any photos as you probably have realised…

This time, I had no beautiful young women to model my knitted garments on and used myself before I sent them around so everyone had the chance of touching the selected yarn and studying each detail. My seams where checked and several were stunned to find them made by hand, unusual in Norway where a sewing machine is often used for finishing. Here you will find my tips: Finishing Techniques. At least two of the women present had seen several of the garments before at my book launch at Cappelen Damm in February, but came to see a larger selection.

‘You have been talking for such a long time!’ said the only little girl present, aged 6 + 1/2 today, afterwards and I felt the need to apologise. Even though I knew she had been smart enough to realise it would not entertain her and wore large headphones looking content during my presentation. I am pleased to report that several women used the opportunity to try on the Mohair Poncho, see photo below. Oslo Fylkeshusflidslag must have enjoyed my presentation because I have been invited back. Thank you, Hilde from Husfliden, Maibritt from Oslo Fylkeshusflidslag and to everyone present! For other events see

Photograph: Kim Müller


6 thoughts on “Report from Knit Café at Kaffistova

  1. Linda,

    The walls of yarn are enchanting. Thanks for your links to finishing techniques/workshops. I’m always looking for more and am especially checking schedules for my next London visit.

  2. What a pleasure to look at all these yarns! The garment in the photo is elegant in a minimalist way: no adornments but the fabric and the shape do the job.

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