Winter View

My view from the terrace is covered in white. It has snowed for a few days and a thick layer of snow – more than a dusting, this time –  has brightened up the scenery. The fjord and the sky are at times one, only disrupted by the occasional cargo ship breaking its way through the ice into the dock, which we can see in the distance.

It feels like a clean and a crisp view, where all fallen leaves and bare trees have been given  a brushstroke of paint. I enjoy the dramatic changes in the seasons more than ever, and find peace in the clean slate the whiteness gives!


6 thoughts on “Winter View

  1. So you finally got snow! It looks beautiful indeed. I still remember the feel of the crisp air and the sound of snow crunching under foot as a little girl in Norway. Raised in weather spoiling California, it was hard when for four years I lived “in the snow belt” of north western Pennsylvania and the snow started the first week of October and continued sometimes into May. 🙂

    • Yes, we did and it looks beautiful at the moment! I have missed the distinct seasons for many years now but will not be equally pleased with a lot of snow late in March or into April, though! So I completely understand your sentiments! 😀

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