Design In Progress

In preparation for spring and summer I have started working in cotton, very optimistic considering the amount of snow and ice still covering the ground here in Oslo, I know. But since I am not a speedy designer; I need time to work and complete a design if I want to be able to have the chance of publishing it during the Spring/Summer season. I am not able to design a garment a week or have it is as a goal (read: totally unrealistic). My designs require time to evolve. What cotton have you chosen, you ask? An Egyptian mercerized cable-spun cotton which can take a 60 degrees centigrade washing machine program, named appropriately Luxor in 62 divine colours – I have chosen wine red and navy blue, not an easy choice, see luxor – made by Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk. I love the crisp stitch definition and chose a beautiful lace pattern for the wine red shade.

The navy blue sample is a wavy rib pattern. None of them have reached a garment state yet and I am still considering whether I should make them into a possible set to be worn together or on top of each other. Maybe lace sleeves and a simpler body stitch pattern? Wavy rib vest or shawl with buttons? While I ponder some more, do look at all these marvelous colours.


8 thoughts on “Design In Progress

    • You should try it! It is not as forgiving as wool but the crispness is a delight and so is the amount it grows with steaming and stretching or blocking – important to do before checking stitch tension/guage. When the weather is hot it is so nice to work with since it keeps your hands cool.

  1. Gorgeous yarn and stitch patterns! We don’t get snow here so it definitely feels more Spring-like already for us. I can’t wait to see what you come up with — both colors would look wonderful together.

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