Our Neighborhood

Spring is finally here and the last of the snow has melted. Our neighborhood is busy again and our neighbors can be spotted in their gardens. We still need to do some gardening, but have been to IKEA to buy a few comfortable garden chairs for our terrace. Above is the view from our closest tram stop and I also wanted to share some of the old, amazing timber houses in our area of Bekkelaget at Nordstrand in Oslo.

We do not know JB nor the family living here but it is one of the poshest houses in the area, though not located at Solveien/The Sun Road which is one of the most expensive addresses in Oslo since the early 1900 century even though it is east of the city centre. Many of the old houses which used to house only one family now houses several, and numerous plots of land have been divided into smaller ones. Read more and see more photos at this great blog: mylittlenorway.


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  1. Another great Linda blog recommendation. Wow such stunning properties. Hope you’re having a glorious weekend & very special day today.

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