Super Sweet Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the Super Sweet Blogger Award by Mary Jo of whatzitknitz and I am thrilled! Thank you! All I have to do to accept it, is to nominate 12 other Super Sweet Blogs and answer 5 simple questions about myself. This is my second award, and I enjoy answering questions that I would not have considered asking anyone, in any other context. So lets start with the questions:

1. Cookies or cake? Very easy indeed, I would chose a cake any day! Despite the fact that I love crisp bread, especially a home made version, I prefer a cake to a cookie. One of my favourites is the Lemon Cake from Ottolenghi, drizzled with pistachio nuts – photo above, website here: ottolenghi.

2. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla, since I have a milk intolerance I have never been a great fan of chocolate.

3. Favorite sweet treat? That would be licorice sweet or occasionally salmiakk/sal ammoniac which is popular in the Nordic countries. In Sweden they have even larger containers of salmiakk lakris than we do in Norway, I discovered to my delight as a child! The size of large jam jar in plastic, oh what a treasure it was!

4. When do you get hit with cravings? I have some licorice as a treat every Saturday evening, keeping a good tradition from my childhood days alive and kicking! Otherwise after any nice restaurant dinner.

5. Sweet Nickname? Not particularly sweet nor a nickname, but I had a primary school teacher who would add an hyphen and pronounce my name as Lin-da, which most of my friends found hilarious, except me. I grew to like my name more with traveling and realized how easy it was to have a name that could be pronounced so easily.

Now, for my 12 nominations, to talented bloggers I enjoy reading:

1. My Retiring Life

2. Knit Away-One

3. Gnist-By-Gitte

4. Holly Klein

5. Marias Garnhandelser

6. Jean Moss Handknits

7. Syl Tynn

8. The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog

9. Knit So Facto

10. Carolyn Kern Knits

11. By Randi

12. Fiber And Art


6 thoughts on “Super Sweet Blogger Award

    • Thank you, Tracy! So are you! I love reading your blog and studying your photos! I am curious to learn what your favorite sweets are.

  1. Thanks for the nomination! I did not see it on my first read. I came back to check out some of the other blogs you nominated, and was pleasantly surprised. Very sweet of you!

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