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“Stitch maps are a new form of knitting chart that use traditional symbols in a novel way: without a grid. The symbols within a stitch map clearly show what stitches to work. And – not being confined within grid squares – they also show which stitches of the previous row should be worked. The end result? Charts with unparalleled fluidity, authenticity, and beauty.” According to designer JC Briar and her recently launched website Stitch Maps, Who is she, I had to check and found this: jcbriar. It does make the knitting charts look more like the crochet charts which do follow the shape of the fabric. But how do you follow a long row? One of the most ingenuous features of it is that you can add a row guide as well as a column guides. Knitters and designers have responded to her through her group on Ravelry: Can you add a highlighter through the row you are working on? Yes, you can but only with a basic subscription and Stitch Maps will keep track of your current row. JC Briar is a puzzle solver at heart and will continue to develop Stitch Maps, which at the moment contains 145 stitch patterns. I, for one will be watching! What do you think? Would you subscribe?


12 thoughts on “Stitch Maps

  1. Perfekt när man designar då det blir mindre provstickning men svårt att följa i ett utskrivet mönster tror jag….men himla coolt!

    • Ja, helt enig at det er en fordel å se klart hvilken retning stoffet tar. Ja, jeg tror man trenger en skjerm for å følge! Absolutt coolt! Takk Maria for din kommentar!

  2. Yours is the third post that I’ve read this week about stitch maps! I am not a good chart reader. This may help me.

    • Yes, that does not surprise me! I love charts but I can see the benefits of these stitch maps both for understanding the stitch pattern, and for designing hence seeing the fabric flow straight away without swatching.

  3. This is the first I have heard of stitch maps. How interesting! At first glance they seem easy and intuitive to read. I think that I will try knitting from one! I would like to ask you your own last question, Would you subscribe?

    • Yes, I think so too! Yes, I prefer with the row guide on. It works well on an iPad! I am very tempted by the premium subscription so I can use them in patterns but want to see a more complicated stitch map first.

  4. Interesting as this sounds, I would not subscribe. I have no problem “seeing” graphed patterns and can keep track of my rows easily. 🙂

  5. I already subscribe!just such a wonderfully well thought out aid.
    Have yet to try it, however.

  6. While the stitch map may help you understand the fabric, the knitting needle is still straight. I think I will stay with charts for a while longer …

    • Good point, Mary Ann! I am eager to see if Stitch maps finds a new way of writing cables and like that it attracts knitters who do not like charts.

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