Mulberry Silk Jacket by Åsa Lóa Larsson

I am thrilled to show you another stunning Mulberry Silk Jacket, this time knitted in a lush red-orange Tussah Tweed by BC Garn, see garn, also a pure silk, with a black contrasting neck- and sleeve band picking up one of the tweed colours by Åsa Lóa Larsson! Her clever modification includes changing the size from L to XL by making it with a looser tension, making the bands wider and adding a band to the bottom. Åsa discovered my knitting book when she was on a conference trip to Trondheim, and took the completed jacket back a year later, when she brought her family to the beautiful city, to photograph it with a magnificent backdrop, see below! You can find her as mrspetersson on Ravelry and can see more photos there. Thank you, Åsa!

For more versions of my Mulberry Silk Jacket and the original photo in the book, see mulberry-silk-jacket-by-nina-hove-myhre. I would love to see more of my designs knitted up so please find me on Facebook, join my group on Ravelry and show off. Another test knit of another A-line jacket in lace is starting on Ravelry very soon!


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