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The summer has finally ended, and the autumn workshop schedule has began for me. I am  currently adding the final touches to a new workshop, I have called “Japanske Mønstre”/Japanese Patterns. How do you interpret those schematic drawings with sets of numbers on the sides? Is it possible to knit from a schematic pattern without understanding Japanese? It is obviously not a disadvantage if you do speak it, but it is not essential. I will go through examples step-by-step, and we will spend time knitting swatches from Japanese stitch manuals which are a huge source of inspiration for designers, myself included. We will discuss their never-ending appeal and useful websites like this one: tata-tatao.

My most popular workshop is the combined “Fargestrikk og Montering”/Fairisle and Finishing held during a weekend, where I cover how to knit colour-work with yarn in both hands, steeking, different ways of sewing up as well as essential tips, and how to love finishing. You will find some of the lessons in video form here with Norwegian sound: professional-finishing-course-online. I am also holding a weekend “Hullstrikk”/Lace workshop this autumn, where you learn how to read lace, identify pairs & spine, add a lifeline, and practice knitting from charts. It has taken awhile to adjust to doing this workshops in Norwegian instead of English, but I have discovered it is only an advantage that I know all the terms in English as well as Norwegian. I am seeing several of you this autumn, I am looking forward to it! Here is the schedule, in Norwegian with links:

Japanske Mønstre, lørdag 14. september, kl 10 til 18, hos Larvik Husflidslag. Kurskatalogen-Larvik-høsten-2013

Fargestrikk og Montering, lørdag og søndag 19. og 20. oktober, kl 10 til 16, hos Stokke Husflidslag. Stokke_husflidslag/lokale_kurs

Fargestrikk og Montering, lørdag og søndag 26. og 27. oktober, kl 10 til 16, hos Larvik Husflidslag. Kurskatalogen-Larvik-høsten-2013

Hullstrikk, lørdag og søndag 9. og 10. november, kl 10 til 16, hos Oslo Fylkeshusflidslag, Vestre Aker Husflidslag. Kurset er flyttet til fra september til november. Oslo_fylkeshusflidslag/lokale_kurs 


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  1. I am glad for you, Linda! Actually, Japanese and Chinese knitting instructions are quite clear. You don’t need the knowledge of the languages. Also one can learn to de-code other patterns without knowing the language of the pattern in a proper sense (just some basic terms + deduction skills). I think your courses will be appreciated very much becauase you will be handing the knitters a valuable tool for further work.

    • Thank you, Anna! I have not studied the Chinese yet. Exactly, I agree that de-coding is very valuable. I also hope the workshop will inspire knitters to adapt and possibly make their own patterns!

  2. See The Needle Arts Bookshop (Toronto) on internet for explanations on Japanese knitting patterns. Very instructive!

  3. I wish I could take one of your workshops! I’m envious of those who are able to do so. I actually learned to knit from a Japanese woman, so I knit continental style (unlike my friends here in the US) and I’m used to reading charts. I find it easier to follow charts than read through all of the line-by-line instructions in English language patterns! Best wishes at your workshops and I look forward to hearing about how they progress!

    • I wish you could come, Jean! Thank you so much! It sounds like you had a great teacher! Yes, I prefer charts to written instructions too! I am very excited to test my new Japanese Patterns and look forward to them all!

  4. How I would love to do your Fairisle class! I am hoping to try my hand at an Icelandic cardigan (once my yarn arrives). I have never done color work and am a bit nervous about it!

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