2013 My Discoveries


My essential discoveries of 2013, illustrated by a photo taken from our terrace by my husband, were:

  • Blogging is fun, thanks to all my readers! I also want to thank Jean Moss for letting me take part in her blogtour for Great Little Gifts to Knit, and interviewing her.
  • Organizing my own photo shoot is hard work, but immensely satisfying, thanks to dancer Francesca Golfetto and photographer Kim Müller!
  • Breaking a collarbone is painful, and prevents you from knitting for a several days – then still painful but possible, before it becomes pleasurable again! I do not recommend it!
  • Proof reading patterns is a demanding task, but ever so essential, and educational at times.
  • Understanding German knitting abbreviations requires dedication and time.
  • Submitting designs to International magazines is time-consuming, and not always successful but never wasted time.

4 thoughts on “2013 My Discoveries

    • Thank you! I sprained my foot, and fell while out jogging, but managed to get home without any difficulties. But then I fainted in the bathroom, needed 5 stitches to my forehead and broke my collarbone! It was so painful, but thankfully it has healed since the beginning of November. I am doing exercises to get my shoulder into shape again! Thank you, Tracy.

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