Spring or Sprinter?

It is April and supposedly Spring, but with plenty of snow as well as cold temperatures, it feels like this winter does not want to let go. I recently came across the term Spring in Winter – Sprinter – and think that describes this very cold Spring well. So this is what Sprinter looks like in Ørje. The photo above was taken on Tuesday this week, the ice is still covering the lake – Rødenessjøen. Yes, we had more snow this week. Just when we thought we had seen the last snow of the season. While the photo below shows how the ice was clear for a short period of time after a few heavy rain pours last week. Michael has captured them both brilliantly from our house.

The edges around the lake is now melting and the ice unsafe to walk on. I am excited to see how quickly the ice will disappear. The last few days have been sunny with plenty of snow melting and that is good news. I cannot recall such a long winter at all and look forward to warmer days. I am craving colour these days, so it is a good thing I can find it in my yarn stash!





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  1. We’re having the same kind of weather here in the NE US but on Saturday it is supposed to go to 80°F/ 26°C. I’ll be away at work. Looking fwd to warmer weather but not so hot so soon.

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