Postcard From Mallorca

I have spent a lovely week at Mallorca with my mum. Of course, I wanted to join her for another holiday. The travel agent friend of my mum suggested we try the island of  Mallorca in Spain. Last time I was there was 31 years ago, when I was attending a guide school organised by the then Scandinavian company Star Tour – now part of the Tui group. So this trip has brought back a lot of memories but were little of the basic hotel Spanish we learnt at the school, except for a few phrases. We have been staying at a family hotel called Sunwing Cala Bona Beach about 10 minutes outside of Cala Millor on the East coast of the island. Last time I stayed for 2 months at Santa Ponsa. Above is the view from our balcony, where we had our breakfast and enjoyed the sunset several evenings.

Here is my mum standing on the balcony of the hotel. On our first day, we went to the beach in Cala Millor, where my mum had been together with my dad years ago, but found it incredibly busy and no available parasols. So I was ever so pleased that I had finally found a sun hat – in Oslo of all places – that actually suited me. So this time I did not sunburn my forehead but my ears instead.

The next days we spent at the Cala Bona Beach, which was a smaller beach with a cove that we preferred, see below. It was about 800 meters from the hotel but due to the heat we went by taxi after trying the bus a couple of times. There was a bus schedule, but sometimes “mañana” (read: tomorrow) seemed more correct. No change there, then in 31 years.

Yes, the hotel is has beach in its name; Sunwing Cala Bona Beach, but it does not have one. It did however have a couple of pools. I have enjoyed reading on the beach but found it too hot to even consider bringing my knitting. At the hotel was a Spa which we tested. We began by having a glass of champagne while we waited and it did not go downhill from there. My mum had a leg message combined with a pedicure, while I had a full body massage with hot oil. That was excellent and I feel re-aligned and re-assembled.

I also used the gym in the mornings and it was quite busy to my surprise. First I had a short run in the nearby area and spotted a number of fancy villas next to our hotel. On my run I found a local restaurant, Sa Punta that looked ever so nice, and it was a good thing that I could not see the meny since it was closed. We decided to have dinner there in the evening and discovered that it was a luxurious and very expensive one with a stunning location next to the sea. Check out the video on the restaurant website and see our hotel to the left.

Here we are photographed by the English waiter. We both chose the grilled cod with all-i-oli and it was delicious. Definitely our best meal in Mallorca. Followed by a pizza at the closest Italian restaurant.

The only reason we got a table without a reservation was that we were there early in the evening. To our delight there were mainly Spanish customers in the restaurant. You can glimpse the sea out between the palms on the right hand side.

Last but not least I want to show you the marina and part of the beach promenade that goes all the way from our hotel through Cala Bona and to Cala Millor. It offers a number of restaurants, cafés, bars, shops and hotels. We tried a few of the restaurants along with the other tourists mainly from Scandinavia, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain. We planned to book an excursion with our tour operator Ving but it was cancelled so we went to Cala Millor for a bit of shopping instead. Tomorrow, we are heading home after a wonderful holiday! Greetings from Mallorca!