Happy Knitmas & Holidays, Merry Christmas

Christmas 2018, just like last year will be a Knitmas for me. I never get even close to the preparations I had planned to do for Christmas, before it is Tiny Little Christmas Eve. That is today 22nd of December. I have worked with Christmas patterns for the Norwegian magazine Familien since August, so my first greetings I received from the handicraft editor back then.  No wonder I loose track, really. Michael and I will be celebrating Christmas Eve with my brother and his family, as well as my mum. Our next Christmas party will on 2nd Christmas Day – 26th – and then on the 4th Christmas Day – 28th. So I will have time off relaxing in between knitting and pattern writing to my next deadlines in January and February.

At the top you see one of this year’s new addition to our view: a total of 8 windmills following the Swedish border but we can only see 4 of them from our house in Ørje. Michael has taken a lot of photos of the installation of these, just check out his Instagram account. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Knitmas and Holidays!


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