Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot at Bøler Church December 2023

The time has come to show you a few behind the scenes photos from our photoshoot at Bøler Kirke – a community church by HBA Arkitekter completed in 2011 (see more photos here: – on last Tuesday. This is the fourth time we are using the church. Model Olivia Lindtein got the flue, so she cancelled the day before, but jazz singer Anette Løvtangen accepted the challenge. This time we borrowed the chapel, instead of the entrance hall, located in the opposite end of the church building. Photographer Eivind Røhne brought extra light, numerous reflectors, flash and his laptop so we could see the photos as he took them. Above you see him in action, photographing Anette wearing the DellaVigna Pullover.

Make-up & Hair Stylist Hina Suleman worked on Anette’s style, while I prepared the designs for her to wear. The chapel was quite cold, so the felted blanket I had brought came in handy and was used both by Anette and Hina. The stained glass windows from the 19th century originally belonged in Gamle Aker church, but were removed during a restoration in the 1950s. How can they be lit artificially instead of by daylight, was the commission given to Nyfelt og Strand Interior Architects.

Outside the window you can glimpse the snow in the open courtyard in the photo further up, where we photographed in October back in 2017. This time we stayed inside and used the corner next to the window as our second backdrop. The chapel has a magnificent high ceiling and is another gem inside Bøler kirke. Here I am trying to capture the size of it. Michael’s camera on the stand is recording a video that will be available to my patrons only.

I wanted Eivind to photograph 7 new designs and 2 old ones. 4 of the new ones are made for Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk, while I will publish the other 3 myself on Ravelry. Above is Iku, one of the Hillesvåg designs made in their lambswool yarn Sol.

The final and third backdrop we used was the organ, that covered half of the side wall to the chapel. Here you see Anette modelling the new Yaelle version called Hayami knitted in a new grey shade of Tinde from Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk. Her shoe size was several sizes larger than mine, but at least she managed to squeeze into one of the pairs I had brought. Anette felt at home in front of the organ and did a wonderful job as a model, despite missing a microphone in her hand!

Michael captured us setting up for the second backdrop, I have the list of garments with clothes styling in my hand. If you are wondering what I am wearing, I can tell you that it is my current favourite Saxi. We had a brilliant and fun day! Thank you to my fantastic team and to Bøler kirke! Now, I am trying to choose photos from Eivind’s selection and trying to finish those patterns…