Norsk Strikkedesign

Norsk Strikkedesign edited by Margaretha Finseth was first printed in Norwegian in 1999 and there were many of us who wanted our own copy. 11 acknowledged designers participated in the project among them, Iselin Hafseld. I wore the jacket on the cover for my interview at Heimen Husflid in Oslo and was instantly offered a job and a knitting comission if I wanted to make another. But by then I had already made 2 for myself, again in Rauma 3-tråders ull and Finull: one in grey & lilac and another one in orange & brown, so I had no desire to knit a 3. The fairisle pattern repeat is demanding and time-consuming but does make a beautiful jacket I have received a lot of complements for. As responsible for the knitwear section at Heimen I met Iselin Hafseld, designer of Tinde for the first time. Her beautiful machine knitted garments have continued to inspire me since then. Do have a look at her website I chose her as my mentor when I started working on my book, and to this day she has dealt with numerous design and styling issues I needed assistance with. The book is one of my treasures and I have knitted several of the designs and still want to knit more of them…


4 thoughts on “Norsk Strikkedesign

  1. Hi Linda!
    I’m honored and really impressed by you knitting two of my design! The pattern is a real challenge for hand knitters, but you could combine hand knitting for the cable/lace parts and machine knit the two color pattern. Wishing you luck with your further knitting projects 🙂
    All the best –
    from Margaretha Finseth

    • Thank you so much, Margaretha! Yes, it was a real challenge, especially the first one! Just in case you did not see them photographed, you will find them here: I want to thank you, for the beautiful design and making such a beautiful knitting book – The Aristocrat of Knitting Books which has inspired me to take the knitting designer path I have now chosen! For that I had to mention, your book in my first knitting book “To rett en vrang. Designstrikk” (here translated into english): “I have knitted my way through numerous Norwegian patterns published by Dale, Rauma, Garnstudio and Du Store Alpakka. But it was the book ‘Norsk Strikkedesign. A collection of Norway’s Foremost Knitting Designers’ by editor Margaretha Finseth which lifted my knitting to completely different level than previously”.
      I do hope you will consider making another book at some point in time.
      All the best – Linda

  2. Dear Margaretha ,I love that pattern and I would love to knit it. I cannot locate a copy of the book or pattern, are they available to download or anything?

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