Make-up Artist Line Sekkingstad

Photograph: Mathias Fossum

Professional make-up and hair styling was a priority for my book, since I wanted hairdressing and make-up for different occasions well fitted to the knitted garments. After exhausting all my contacts and asking all the make-up artists I had contacted for their further recommendations without success. I remembered how stunning my sister-in-law looked on her wedding day and asked about her make-up artist. Line Sekkingstad Sigberg works for NRK (Norwegian State Television) and teaches at the Tone Lise Academy, which educates Beauticians and Make-up Artists, and started her career as a hairdresser. Line agreed to participate in my project, albeit at a reduced rate, since it was an exciting project and the styling was well planned. Above you can see a photo from one of her earlier projects, see

I had prepared an outline of what I wanted her to do. Each look had a series of photographs to go with it:

  1. Natural look: where Anna is wearing oversized sweaters and shawls by Nøklevann, in Marka (a lake in the forest that surrounds Oslo).
  2. Vintage look: where Anna and Francesca are wearing either a fitted party sweater, by Nøklevann, or jackets with puffed sleeves at the Ekeberg Restaurant, high on the hill overlooking Oslo.
  3. Party look: where Francesca has her amazing waist long hair in a beautiful bun wearing knitted jackets and a tutu at the Ekeberg Restaurant. Plus where Kari-Anne has her Norwegian blond hair in a bun wearing a knitted skirt at Aker Brygge, with a background view of the Oslo Fjord.
  4. Ballerina look: where Cristiane has her beautiful hair in a tight bun, wearing an old Swan Lake tutu and pointe shoes, at the Architectural Museum.
  5. Smoky eyes: where both Francesca and Cristiane are wearing grey or black garments against the concrete wall surroundings at the Architectural Museum.

Line did a magnificent job, using her vast artistic hair and make-up skills, and I look forward to showing you the result shortly.


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