My model Kari-Anne

Kari-Anne Næssø came like a whirlwind into my life, when I was desperate for a model for the photo shoot on a Friday in September. I had several ballerinas that could work on the weekend but none that could work on a Friday, during the daytime.  My editor, Inger Margrethe Karlsen at Cappelen Damm came to my assistance and suggested Kari-Anne who is an artist with a dancers’ degree, and in her forties, to my delight! Kari-Anne’s blond Norwegian looks completed my preferred wide age and hair range. When we took our lunch break at the fashionable Bølgen & Moi at Tjuvholmen, Kari-Anne was the only one dressed for the part in full make-up, hair beautifully pinned into a bun and wearing styled clothes. See