Yarn shops in Oslo

Here is a list of my favorite yarn shops in Oslo:

NØSTET MITT at Storo Shopping Centre, take the Kjelsås tram or the tube there, approx 15 min from the city centre, www.nostetmitt.no  They have a large selection of Rowan yarns, Artesano and Norwegian brands such as Du Store Alpakka and Sandnes. A popular fairly new yarn chain that organises events and knit cafes.

All the next 5 yarn shops are in walking distance, but the distance between Tjorven and Husfliden will take you approximately 15 min to walk. You will pass nearly all the best shops in Oslo and is a very nice walk, down Bogstadveien!

My preferred route:

1. TJORVEN, Valkyriegata 17, Majorstuen. Take the tube or tram up (see kart.finn.no ) The largest selection in Oslo with an international selection of yarns, e.g Art Yarns, BC Garn and Katia, you will find them listed under ‘leverandører’ on their website www.tjorven.no One of my favourites is Du Store Alpakka’s lovely Tynn Alpaca (4-ply, 167 m per 50 g knits on 3 mm/US 2-3, tension 27 sts) in melange colours! Until the end of the year Tjorven has an offer of 25% discount on all yarns with alpaca from Drops! So stock up while you can!

2. HUSFLIDEN, inside the department store Glasmagasinet, Stortorvet 9. Walk down Bogstadveien, through the Slottsparken, down the main street Karl Johan. They have a large selection of traditional yarns in lots of colours for knitting & crocheting, embrodery, weaving and rye making. They stock Rauma, PT, Dale and Borg among others. I love Rauma: Lamullgarn (lambswool) and Finull (fine wool, 175 m per 50 g knits on a 3 mm/ US 2-3, tension 26 sts), which comes in a 100 colours. The Lamullgarn, 250 m per 50 g usually knit on a 2.5 mm/US 1-2 with a tension of 30 sts, felts like a dream. Below is a photo of a felted swatch, knitted with 2 blue tones on a 4 mm/US 6 and felted using a 60°C /140°F programme in the washing machine. Yes, they do sell shade cards if you are tempted. Still my favourite to browse in and where I tend to buy! You can see their yarns on www.husfliden.no

3. STRIKKEDILLA, Oslo City, ground floor (shopping centre next to the Central Train Station) Tiny shop, but a good selection of mainly Norwegian yarns. www.strikkedilla.no

4. BOGERUD TEKSTIL, Gunerius, first floor (old fashioned department store) on Storgata, 5 minutes from Oslo City. This is were you go to buy yarns and clothes, especially underwear & socks, if you have a tight budget and/or knit a lot for growing children. Among their stockists are Norwegian yarn producer Gjestal and Viking. My mum’s favourite. www.bogerud.no

I never miss out on a visit to Tjorven nor Husfliden but tend to skip the last two so if you are short of time…  Do not miss NORWAY DESIGNS, www.norwaydesigns.no close to Saga cinema by the National Theatre station. It is one of my favourite shops in Oslo and a visit there is elementary! Check out their large paper department, ultra modern kitchen section and trendy clothes department. The photo is of their Christmas table. It is an inspirational shop with great designs!


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  1. Can you tell me where I can find Rauma Rya rug kits for sale. I have purchased several rug kits from Husfliden in Oslo and Stavanger in the past, but I have not found that still sells the kits.

    • I am sorry but I do not know, I have no connection to Husfliden except as a customer myself. I have sent your request directly to Rauma and hope that they will respond to you.

    • I too am looking for Rya rug kits or fabric base (and the yarn). If you find a supplier please let me know ! Thank you-

      • Hi. I was just told about your blogpage and hope it is okay for me to share what I can about off-loon rya rug-making supplies. My grandparents, the Lundgrens from Northboro, Massachusetts began a rya kit and supply importing business in 1955. I worked with them as a designer and instructor from about 1978-82. Long story short, my mother sold the business after my grandparents died, and now–30 years later–I have bought back all the supplies and also import from Rauma (rya yarn and backings), from Sweden (Borgs Asborya yarn, and from two Finnish companies. So I have plenty of supplies, designs, and know-how. I’m writing a book on designing your own, and I’m trying to get my rya supplies publicized in a way that is easy for folks to purchase. I sell on etsy (Shop is called Byrdcall). Things are coming along. Don’t despair, rya is making a comeback. Sorry for the long post, but thought it might be helpful.

  2. would you know where I can find in Oslo, the yarn:
    KAUNI Effektgarn 8/2 ??
    I have not been able to find a shop that carries it.
    I love your blog, but each site is written only in Norwegian, which I unfortunately do not speak!!

    • Yes, Tjorven at Majorstuen has it.
      Their address is: Valkyriegata 17, 0366 Oslo
      Tlf/fax: 22 69 33 60 or order telephone: 906 51 426
      E-post: post@tjorven.no

      Nøstet Mitt at Storo has a smaller selection of colours.
      They are at Storo shopping centre,
      Vitaminveien 7-9,
      0485 Oslo
      Tlf: 2271 1587

      Thank you for reading my blog, Sarvani!

  3. So so glad to have found this site, Was hoping I could find yarn in Norway and not have to Ebay all the time for it! 🙂 I’m going to Oslo next weekend and I can check these options out.
    Thanks for the hope!

  4. I have 10 -50 gram balls of Monty Dalegarn Norwegian wool that came from a church sale in Pacific Grove, California. Do you know where I might find patterns using that yarn? It is a lovely white and would make a very nice sweater.

  5. Spot on advice, thank you. We popped into Tjorven and it was great–beautiful quality and colors. The friend we were visiting had knit/crochet lessons in school growing up in Oslo, so he and my hubby had fun helping me comb the shop for something cool. I’m a beginner, so I hope I do the yarn justice.

  6. Linda, maybe you know online-shops where I can make an order of yarn with delivery to Russia. I am very interested in Du store Alpakka and Rauma, but unfortunately can`t find any store where I can buy them online. Thank you for answering.

  7. I am looking for dalegarn falk. I can no longer buy Dale in the U S. Are there stores in Oslo from where I can buy it. I am sure there are good substitutes but I am trying to match it up with another sweater that I have knitted. I would appreciate any help you can give me.
    Thanks Bruce

  8. Wow. Thanks for the help. I think mango moon might be in owosso Michigan. An hour drive from my house. They use to be under the name heart of the mitten. They were the sole distributor of dale in the u.s.

  9. Hello there. I’m going crazy trying to find a supplier who will send Dale Garn Alpakka to the United States. I know about Mango Moon, but they don’t sell it. Do you know of anyone who will ship it?

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