Hobby Book Club

The Cappelen Damm & Tanum Hobby Book Club Magazine for January 2012 has now been sent out to its 66 000 members, with my book ‘To Rett En Vrang. Designstrikk’ as the main book of the month. The cover photo the book club department chose is this one:

‘Knit your favourite garment this winter. This is the book for those that love knitting and need new inspiration.’ In the bubble at the top it says: ‘Fashionable garments with new and exciting textural patterns’. The model on the cover is Anna Pfeifer wearing Magenta Fairisle Cowl and Cardigan with Cluster pattern, both knitted in Jaggerspun’s Zephyr Lace held double using a needle size 3 mm/US 2-3.

The book is brilliantly introduced by Karin Range, Book Club Manager at Cappelen Damm on the first four pages of the book club magazine. The ballerina is Francesca Golfetto from the National Ballet in Oslo. Here is the next page:

Featuring the model Kari-Anne Næssø. All the photographs in the book are by Kim Müller, make-up artist is Line Sekkingstad Sigberg and stylist is yours truly. A couple of sneak peaks will follow shortly…