Report from Knit Café

For all of you that could not make it to the Knit Café on last Wednesday at Lille Persille at Lambertseter Centre, organised by Nøstet Mitt, here is a report.

61 knitters (including my mum) + my brother, designated driver for the evening, made it to the knit café where I was to present my newly released book ‘To rett en vrang. Designstrikk’. I was chuffed that Thomas Kvist, owner of Thomas Kvist Yarns, came from Sweden to see the complete collection, shown for the very first time. 3 of the garments in the book are made using his yarn. Below you can see Thomas studying the snood & Blackberry sweater.

I had requested 5 models (since I had 2 on the book launch) which meant that one of the owners of Nøstet Mitt, one of their managers, one of their employees, their daughter and a friend, all had to take part. They were all pleased that I had not brought the Camilla Skovgaard shoes with the 11cm heels and had decided that since Katrine is a dancer she had to wear the highest heels.

As I presented the garments and talked about my knitting experiences, I am pleased to tell you that nearly everyone was multi-tasking by knitting or pattern checking the book simultaneously.

All the models posed on a stand like a live sculpture while I talked about each garment before they walked a round so everyone could feel the texture and study details close up.

After the presentation of all garments, Nøstet Mitt offered 25% discount on everything in the shop which was ever so tempting and most of the knitters present took the opportunity to increase their stash. I was ready and where happy to sign books, as you can see below.

In addition there was a draw for a gift voucher worth 500 NOK, valid in all 3 shops, which everyone, excluding my brother would like to win. Glenn was actually happy he did not win.

Just before leaving, more than 3 hours later – the knit café was from 18.00 to 21.00 – I was photographed together with Anne Grethe (owner) and Vibeke (manager.)

I was given a stunning rain coat with a knitting print by Anne Grethe and Freddy (co-owner and photographer for the evening – more photos on Nøstet Mitt’s Facebook page)! It is unbelivable and you have to see a photograph of it – try imaging a knitted raincoat in a traditional Norwegian knitting pattern. To be continued…

Please find errata on the book page, me on Ravelry (I am lindamarveng) and on Facebook.