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I have joined, an amazing gathering of Norwegian knitting blogs with an image of the latest post on each blog – currently more than 200 and increasing – a short presentation and obviously including links to each one. It was started by a blogger, LillaManilla, who wanted to create a website with an overview of where you could easily update and navigate the latest Norwegian knitting blogs with all the latest projects, tips and inspiration because we all enjoy reading blogs and knitting.

You will find us here: Most of the bloggers write in Norwegian but even though you might not read the language, I believe you will enjoy the pictures. A number of us have chose to write in English. Who is the most popular/mest populære today/idag, this month/denne måned and totally/totalt? It is easy to find out…


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  1. Great to have found the site. having just had a wonderfil visit to norway i have a norwegian knitting pattern to try for a nisse til vinpoae. useful to have someone that might help if i get stuck on translation

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