Hifa sponsoring more designs

I am pleased to announce that Hifa will sponsor more of my designs. They are pleased with the 3 designs in my book knitted using Hifa yarn which I selected after drooling over their large colour selection offering clear hues with great saturation. Even their factory shop outside of Bergen is currently knitting the Japanese Vest for display to promote my book to my amazement! It is knitted in Hifa Huldra Kamgarn in shade 8021 sea green, worn by Kari Anne Næssø and photographed by Kim Müller.

Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk, producer of Hifa yarn, was established in 1898 and has always focused on creating colour dyes that captivate nature’s colours. Take one look at photo of the Hifa Kamgarn below and you understand what I mean – yes, they do ship abroad, even though their website is in Norwegian. See ull.no. The colours have name that gives you a good idea of its tone unlike shade names given by indy dyers such as DyeForYarn which leaves you guessing but does make you laugh, take a look at Etsy: etsy.com/shop/DyeForYarn

  • Bat in a dark mood – dark tones of purple with black.
  • Bat biting the dust – dark and light tones of purple.
  • Tarzan’s Very Bad Day – bottle green with some lighter tones of green.
  • Too Much Mint Cocktail – shades of clashing mint green.
  • Poisonous Marshmallow – pale rose pink.



I am nearly ready to open my Ravelry pattern shop – today – and add another page to my blog with 5 patterns knitted in a selection of Thomas Kvist Yarns with alternatives offered to begin with. Here is the logo my husband has designed for me – which I love -he is faboulus! My latest challenge – yes, I know there are many – is to start offering all patterns in the following sizes XS to 3XL.



8 thoughts on “Hifa sponsoring more designs

    • Thank you! According to their website they only specify that it is long fibered soft wool. Yes, I designed the vest based on the shape of Japanese Vest I have – large rectangle with only 1 large armhole – leaving the top of the back bare. It is possible, as shown in the photo, to pin it together at the front to create a short vest, or leave it hanging loose and long.

    • My husband chose the colours, but he knows they are colours that inspire me. Orange for its vitality and because it reminds me of sunsets at summer. Pink for its brightness and because it reminds me of so many beautiful flowers. Both colours seem to increase my creativity so yes, there will be more garments in those colours since they both come in so many incredible shades and I love working in them. Thank you for asking.

    • Thank you! Yes, I guess it is! I have been holding back a bit thinking I would like more than 6 people or so joining my group and I am still learning how these groups work.

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