Yesterday was Removals day, most of our possessions were professionally packed – we had realised there was no way we would be able to manage organising the move, the sale of our Brentford Dock property – 7 viewings in 3 days and still counting – going through all our items and packing ourselves. For a reasonable fee we did not have to pack only prepare by unplugging electronic equipment and making piles. It took 3 professional packers – all less than half my age – 6.5 hours to pack and load everything! Here is a photo from the kitchen box hub. The clock – here still unpacked – is a mini replica of the Bluewater shopping centre’s giant one which shows the date, time and the star constellations designed by Eric Kuhne, concept architect of the centre in Kent.

Removals is defined as the business of transporting furniture and other possessions when people move to a new home. Yet is sounds so ominous like everything, including us, would be forcefully moved even though there is nothing forcefully about our move at all. Not only do we volunteer, we actually want to move to Oslo, Norway and leave behind a very crowded London but a landscaped and well maintained dock. The photo below is from the car park flower bed.

The Arctic trailer – yes, that is what it is called – will not hit Oslo until the week commencing 23. July because we have to wait for another couple or family also moving north (read: towards the Arctic) to fill up the whole trailer. We did check the extra cost of having our own and was astonished to find out it varied between 11 000 and 13 000 GBP. Moving countries without that extra cost is expensive enough as you probably figured out. So we do plan to camp out (read: stuffing our suitcases with all essentials for) the next 3 weeks. My mum is ever so pleased since we will be staying with her part of the time while we furnish our new flat at Bekkelaget.


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  1. Good luck with the move and camping out! I have moved something like 23 times since 1977 … not including once or twice when I sold everything in the U.S. and stayed with my grandmother (sort of a free hired-hand 🙂 ) in Norway once or twice. I packed every box; only once did I use professional movers. This is why I always resist getting much furniture. 🙂

    • Thank you! I am in awe over how much moving you have done! It has certainly made me clear out quite a bit! I must say I find it a lot easier moving within a country than between them. It is the first time I have had experience with professional movers and I must say I am impressed over the job they did! But I have also realised that I need to de-clutter more!

  2. Best wishes for the new home.
    And keep knitting to keep you sane through the removals!

  3. You lived in Brentford? My daughter lives there on Ferry Lane, just up from the river. We were there last June.

  4. Min Kjære, and other knitters……. Truck terminology……..
    The truck is not called an ‘Arctic’, it is called an ‘Artic’ which is short/slang for ‘articulated’ (the truck pivots behind the drivers part – called the ‘unit’, short for ‘tractor unit’ – the remainder is called the ‘trailer’).
    It is very easy to mis-hear ‘Artic’, particularly as the English have such bad diction….. the mistake gets perpetuated and many people now say say “Arctic”.
    I promise not to complain about Norwegian diction ever again.
    Din M.

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