Arne & Carlos Exhibition at Doga

Just like the British artist couple Gilbert & George, Arne & Carlos has become a conceptual art piece in themselves. They are multi talented and have an impressive ability to adapt into different directions from fashion to book production to knitting patterns. Every workshop or talk they give, is like a critical review of their experiences and life expressed in a very playful way just like their designs: A traditional Norwegian sweater knitting pattern is transformed by space invaders. See the photo below and enjoy their classroom presentation called: “Crawlers, country and Space Invaders” where they are both wearing one. The video is in Norwegian but you will enjoy the visuality of  their scrap books and designs here at: doga

Arne & Carlos’s aim with the exhibition was to give an insight into the design process, how they work together, their use of inspirational sources as well as encouraging you to design. You will find fancy paper dolls to dress as you like and a selection of traditional knitting pattern borders for you to play around with then you can photograph the result and send it to the National museum. The exhibition is on until 26. August, so you still have a chance to see it if you are in Oslo. Do look at this video – with English subtitles – and you will see their amazing house, a former train station located in the mountains, and a presentation of their Christmas Decorations to Knit: youtube.  That trend of knitting Christmas Decorations is still ongoing, by the way, just as the other one they started with knitting dolls …


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  1. Greatly enjoyed the video interview with Arne og Carlos. I grinned when I saw their notebooks of inspiration; I can relate to that much better than designers who have a more orderly and systematic approach. I guess I believe there’s order even within the seeming randomness of chaos.

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