Whole Wood

Or rather “Hel Ved” in Norwegian is the title of an unlikely bestseller written by author Lars Mytting published by Kagge, last year, which is still close to the top of the list nearly a year later! Initially 4000 copies were printed but 129 000 copies later gives you a good idea of the fairytale it has been. All the practicalities on how to make firewood and its cultural history have captivated thousands of readers and it was the book my husband asked for when he started to cut down the trees behind our house because he needed to know how short to cut the firewood for our fireplace. I am pleased to tell you that all the talk about buying a chain saw stopped since a manual one did the job! Here is our firewood neatly stacked on the terrace under the roof, next to our living room, drying.

“There is no fuss with a stack of firewood. It does not loose its value on the stock market. It does not rust. It does not take out a divorce.” Firewood is a science and a passion according to Mytting.  It is burning love when you take out the wood you cut half a year earlier then left to dry, since it still smells nice and is dry and willing in the fireplace, he claims. Do take a look at his pictures and send him your firewood tips on: larsmytting. I have missed the smell and sight of a proper fireplace for years and one of those DVD films you can buy has been the closest I have come to one. So I do, very much, look forward to that burning love…


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  1. The book sounds so interesting, and I really understand the pleasure of using something that you helped to create (or cut) months earlier. That is how I feel when it is the middle of January and I open a jar of spaghetti sauce that I made from the previous summer’s tomatoes – it’s so satisfying. Enjoy your firewood when the time comes!

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