Bergere de France

I have received yet another shade card with tiny yarn cuttings to study and admire! This time it is from the French yarn company Bergere, soon available in Norway. I have been translating a number of their patterns into Norwegian, from English, and am still busy working on more so I knew Bergere would have a stand at last week’s “Gave og Interiør Messe”/”Gift and Interior Trade Fair” at Lillestrøm, just outside of Oslo. For me, their stand was one of the highlights of the fair, titled “New Autumn”, just as the Trend Zone with its extensive book shop was! I was able to see the knitted up garments of the patterns I had translated. The fair is also the place to meet fellow designers, yarn producers, publishers and to make new acquaintances.

Bergere’s pattern designs are trendy and fashionably photographed, see bergeredefrance. A selection of their yarns and patterns will shortly be available at the yarn shop Nøstet Mitt in Oslo, among other shops, see In the mean time I need to translate more patterns, I am pleased to say that I have absorbed a few new techniques I would like to develop further into my own patterns.


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  1. One of the stores I frequent has some Berger yarns and now is ordering more colours and fibers. They showed me the most recent pattern collection and there is a lot of nice designs.

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