Craft Wave

A craft wave has hit Norway. On top of the bestseller list in the category of general literature – read non-fiction – is on no 1: Marius Strikkebok/ Marius Knitting Book and no 3: Sy Om/Re-make by television presenter Jenny Skavlan. Another well-know television presenter Dorthe Skappel designed an over-sized sweater in alpaca, not unlike the mohair sweaters popularised in the 1980’s, and started a “Dorthe genser/Dorthe sweater” craze that has lead to empty shelves in the yarn shops. Can it be described as designing when it is such a simple pattern? Knitters have discussed on blogs and on Facebook but the fact remains that it has attracted and introduced numerous young people to knitting! See photos on nrk.

With celebrities involved the media started paying close attention and we have been able to study Dorthe Skappel’s sweater in detail on the breakfast show on television as well as Jenny Skavlan’s re-made dress on a Saturday night talkshow with a part of the audience also wearing self made clothes. Not that we were able to study those in detail, only one person was interview sitting down and not made to stand up and do a twirl – which I was waiting for! Nor were we informed in more detail about the style, the sewing process nor the fibres in the fabric. But I should not complain, it was a start and perfect Saturday entertainment, at least for me.

Craft books are still very much what Nina Granlund Sæther calls “step children” of factual literature, rarely reviewed and introduced despite solid sale figures unless the author is a celebrity or has previously sold 40 000 copies. Do read her blog post on the topic – use google translator if you do not read Norwegian: faglitteraturens-stebarn

Oh, I forgot, in case you were wondering what was no 2. on the bestseller list a cookery book as you probably would have figured out by now.

Hence I will continue to promote and presenting my book:

Thursday 27. September to Gamle Oslo Husflidslag at 17 at Norbygate 39 in Oslo, see gamle_oslo_husflidslag

Tuesday 2. October to Larvik Husflidslag, see larvikhusflidslag

Wednesday 17. October at Flamingo Garn & Hobby’s knitcafé in Fredrikstad, see their page on Facebook.



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  1. Interesting, thoughtful post. I think being a celebrity “crafter” (seems to be a term popular with the younger generation in the U.S.) does not a designer make. It is a bit like likening Rachel Ray (a popular tv-show cook) to Julia Childs. The Internet allows people to “publish” anything without any sort of peer review (“vanity press”). If the person has enough followers, voila – an expert. I think not.

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