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I have always considered my husband to be the gadget obsessed of the two of us, but I must admit that I relished inheriting his first iPad (read: 1. version, outdated – but still!) – and finally I have my own iPhone. But my next step is even more shocking, I have been discovering apps – nearly with the same passion as new yarn discoveries – and like any heirloom they should be passed on.  Yarn Pro is just what it says; a pro assistant always on hands when you need it when you have questions about substituting yarns in a pattern. Will this yarn work? You wonder and your Yarn Pro offers a yarn substitution calculator as well as an gauge/tension calculator in both inches if you are using an American pattern, or in cm if you are using a European pattern. All you have to do is simply key in weight and length the pattern calls for and then the yarn substitute numbers or the numbers of stitches and rows in the pattern and the ones on the ball band or the ones from your own knitted swatch.

A list of recommendation appears after you have filled in the yarn substitution calculator, here is an example: “How does the substitution yarn compare with the yarn called for in the pattern? With great reservation. The substitute yarn is significantly thinner than the original yarn. Should the substitute yarn be used? Probably not. How many hanks, balls, skeins or cones are needed of the substitute yarn? 10. Suggestion for gauge swatch: As the substitute yarn is not an ideal replacement for the yarn called for in the pattern, above average skill in pattern design and adjustment will be needed.” In other words time to rethink. The Sweaty Knitter who has created this masterpiece claims “[As] guage is critical to garment fit…” and I could not agree more!

I find Yarn Pro not only extremely useful, but also addictive because it also has a lot of essential info and advice about swatching, ease (read: do check how close fitting your project is), substituting yarn (read: should be close in weight), yarn weight & fibre content, the different fibres; protein, cellulose, artificial and synthetic in addition to list of comparable needle and hook sizes. You can read more about it here: sweatyknitter and you can buy your own Yarn Pro for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch through Apple’s App Store at itunes. It is a cheap way of obtaining your own yarn PA.


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