Mathallen/The Foodhall in Oslo

My husband and I have been visiting the new foodhall in Oslo. Its aim is to offer knowledge, inspiration and experiences. What is in there? A food market, a cooking school, specialist shops, coffee shops and restaurants – there were space for several more upstairs. Mathallen is surrounded by new hotels, yet to open, and is already attracting tourists.

The photos I have seen so far makes it look huge but it is not exactly London size, but it does offer a selection of temptations. We tested out the popular bakery which display window I could not resist, see above. A nice place to have lunch and when the nearby hotels open the surrounding streets will offer an even better attraction. It is located at Grünerløkka, in walking distance from the city centre. Do not take the shortcut through the muddy carpark but cross the river and walk past Dansens Hus/House of Dance then you will enter the magnificent entrance.

It is not many weeks since it opened and there is still building work going on upstairs, so I believe there are more restaurants to come! One of Mathallen’s secrets is Melkerampa/The Milk Ramp promoting dairy products, which did feel like entering someone’s posh kitchen! Go explore if you can, or just check it out here: mathallenoslo


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  1. I absolutely love places like this. My husband and I visited Quincy Market on a recent trip to boston – it’s an amazing experience!

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