In Trend Knit 2013 S/S

Finally, it has arrived! My garment inspiration source number 1, it was sent to my old address – despite me changing the address months ago – so my husband became a courier bringing it back from London to Oslo. It is an expensive look book magazine – but marvelous, it shows the magnitude of designs by acknowledged designers – with 4 large size photographs on each page (144 pages in total) taken at the fashions shows in New York, London, Milan, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. While some garments like the cover dress is too revealing for most women to wear, I enjoy studying its shape, colors, stitch combinations and fit. Then I begin to ponder how would I make a stunning dress? I would chose a very different neckline, definitely without fringes (read: I leave those to Isabel Marant – she knows how to do it), change the stitching and the shape. Yet, I can do nothing but marvel, at the creativity and ingenuity of it!

My design wheel starts to turn and I can spend hours studying the magazine. I used to buy it at the newsagent at Selfridges department store in London, but I had to be quick since they only had about 5 copies of it. So I was pleased to discover I could subscribe, even at a slightly lower cost, at the American website magazinecafestore. They do offer a large number of tempting magazines, so be warned, but this is the one I prefer that inspires me.


6 thoughts on “In Trend Knit 2013 S/S

  1. It’s wonderful to have inspiration arrive in the mail. A favorite magazine of mine is Where Women Create – showcasing the studio spaces of creative women (and the occasional man). When I return to Central NY after wintering in Florida – my creative space is being moved from the dark basement to a sunny second floor room. I love this magazine for giving me ideas, and keeping my wheels spinning!

  2. Oh, my! This looks like a magazine I might want as a gift. (I just used all my knitting money on a new camera.)

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