My Book Out in Finland

My book title “To rette en vrang. Designstrikk” literally translates to “Two knit one purl. Design knit” but the Finnish title – which I cannot pronounce – translates to “Time to Knit! Modern and classic knitting models in the style of couturiers/top designers”. I am very pleased with the title, and like the stylish front cover publishers WSOY have made. If you read Finnish, here is the description of it: On the cover is a stunning photo, taken by photographer Kim Müller of model Kari-Anne Næssø, wearing the Daisy Shrug & Cowl knitted in a beautiful shade of light jeans blue Thin Alpaca by the Norwegian company Du Store Alpakka using a 3 mm/US 2.5. I do think they loved the Finnish flag color combination of white text and a blue garment!

The Finnish language is very unlike the other Scandinavian languages, and belongs to a different language group all together: Uralic which also include Estonian and other minority languages spoken around the Baltic Sea. So I must admit there are very few Finnish words I know, but I will speedily learn more now from simply reading my own book! It will be exciting to follow how many Finnish knitters, I can attract. I would not mind a trip to design conscious Helsinki!


19 thoughts on “My Book Out in Finland

  1. Congratulations, Linda! Let me know if you are going to Helsinki. Maybe you could visit Tallinn as well, it is very close. And I am sure you will find interested knitters/designers in Finland.

  2. Congratulations! Beautiful.
    I specially like the fact that it doesn’t need to show a young girl in the cover.
    PS-I’m still waiting for it to be published in english. 😉

  3. Congratulation Linda! I was so very pleased for you and excited to see you new book. Best of luck on sales, & I can hardly wait for it to be published in English so I can take a peek at your design knowledge.

    M. A. Prehn

  4. Congratulations! What a beautiful cover.

    On the Finnish language: well, it isn’t a Scandinavian language. Scandinavia consists of the three countries Norway, Sweden and Denmark. It is, however, a Nordic country – along with Iceland :o)

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