The snow is melting, but we still have days when the frost grips leaves, branches and trees. I love the look of the frost – frozen in time but only for a very short time and photographed the trees in our garden. The contrast to the striking blue sky is ever so dramatic, and so is the mix of textures when you study the frost in detail.

Even the pine tree next to our house had a frosting on for a few hours, before it melted away. Spring is definitely on its way and I for one, crave some more colours.


8 thoughts on “Frosting

  1. Hi Linda…Love the trees, but really love the beautiful blue and the knowledge that Spring is coming soon. Always a happy thought!

  2. Beautiful! I live in California where it doesn’t snow (only a light dusting on local mountains when we get a particularly fierce winter storm), so these photos are absolutely magical. Thank you for sharing them!

  3. We have a more or less similar picture. The sun is shining during the day though and it gets warmer, while the nights are frosty (-15-20).

    • Yes, I guess a lot nature is similar in Estonia! Wow, that is cold! Our nights are just below 0 at the moment! Thank you for your comment, Anna!

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