Professionally Photographed: Patent Poncho

As promised, I am pleased to present the latest of my finished designs beautifully photographed by Esten Borgos on behalf of the Norwegian magazine Familien/The Family which will publish my Patent Poncho together with the Cablewing Sweater and cowls in the spring. Unfortunately, I do not have a publication date yet, but will keep you posted. The square poncho, made in an oversized sweater style with longs splits in the side to make it less voluminous. It is knitted in panels of Fisherman’s rib and cables in a beautiful camelbrown Ask – Hifa 2, a pure wool with plenty of bounce, available in stunning colors at ull using a 3 mm/US 2.5.

The poncho is one size, but the length can easily be adjusted; bust measures 150 cm/59″, length measures 67 cm/26¼” and upper arm measures 44 cm/17¼”. See more photos, taken by my husband, here: new-design-patent-poncho. All panels are of the same length except for the front cable panel which is a pattern repeat shorter, than the back to make space for a larger round collar. I knitted two panels in Fisherman’s rib at the same time using a circular needle. They are knitted a few cm longer than finished length because the pattern makes the panel stretch more sideways than longways. I enjoyed knitting the cable – more than the Fisherman’s rib – and loved the contrast between the two stitch patterns. I also wanted to add a bit of sleeves in cables so that you can move your arms about. I find it essential to not have restricted arm movement! So I can knit.

PS: When the pattern rights are released after one year, I will publish the patterns for sale in both Norwegian and English from my Ravelry pattern store, see


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