Rosewood Knitting Needles

I have become increasingly fond of my Destiny solid rosewood needles made by Lantern Moon, from certified sustainable forests. So much so that I recently ordered some more from jimmybeanswool and have been lucky enough to have some delivered by hand from New York, by a friend. Unlike bamboo, rosewood needles adorn my hands, feels more polished and firmer in addition the stitches slide better on them. They are also a lot sturdier than bamboo which might easily snap or the tip split in the smaller sizes. I prefer using rosewood needles to my Nr 1. Signature needles when I am working with silk and other slippery fibers as well as with complicated lace pattern when I need to knit more concentrated (read: slower).

The needles are made in Vietnam in a factory run by the family father Thuan. His amazing story and destiny has given name to the knitting needles he makes. “As Thuan reflects back on that time he recalls, “Each time we tried to leave we had less and less for the pirates and the police to steal, but things were also getting a little better in the country so I thought there must be something we are supposed to be doing here.” And, according to Thuan, that something turned out to be the needle factory.

“After 1975 it seems like I spent all my waking hours trying to keep the family together and get out of the country so that I could take care of them but for some reason it never worked. I never understood why until the opportunity to make the needles came along. Now it is what we do. It is why we are here. It is how we stay together. It is how I take care of my family and it was our destiny.”

Is it important to know who makes your needles and to know that they believe in destiny? We think so. Uncle Huyet asked me recently, “I spent two years in prison trying to gain my freedom. If my attempts to get out of Vietnam had been successful, who would make your needles?” End of quote, read the full captivating story here: lanternmoon.


6 thoughts on “Rosewood Knitting Needles

  1. I followed your link to read the whole story – so inspiring – and one of those stories that points out to me once again how little I have to complain about. Thanks very much for sharing it!

    • Yes, I agree it is so easy to complain, even though we have so little to complain about in a larger context. I was very happy to share the inspiring story! Thank you for reading!

  2. Ah, Lantern Moon! Another needle I have been meaning to try. Hopefully next time I need a needle I can order it instead of relying on what my LYS has in stock. What a great company!

    • Yes, it is a great company and fab needles! I know, it is so easy just to buy from your LYS but useful tools like these are worth ordering!

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