Clotheshorse Mood Board

Yes, it is time again to send in another design submission to the fashionable knitting and crochet magazine Clotheshorse, this time for their Spring/Summer 2014 issue. Out of the four inspiring mood boards, one jumped right at me: “Underwater Love”, it was the colours in addition to all the floating shapes that did it. I have found a yarn I want to use – that is not too difficult – but the stitch pattern took a bit longer and the shape of the garment do make my head spin. There are way too many “what if” at the moment, so it is a good thing that I have a limited amount of time to come up with a proposal and have my Creative Director (read: husband) draw a sketch. The deadline is 15. June and I will keep you posted on the outcome. Check out their Spring/Summer 2013 issue here: clotheshorsemag.


5 thoughts on “Clotheshorse Mood Board

  1. How exciting. Made me laugh as we’re just redecorating & I think we’re opting for seafoam for our hallway.

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