Professionally photographed: Summer Leaves Sweater

I am delighted to show you a couple of the professional photographs of the Summer Leaves Sweater, taken by Esten A. Borgos on behalf of the Norwegian magazine Familien/The Family. The preliminary publishing date is set to 12. August, issue 17 but this might still change so I will keep you posted. The stylist selected a white shirt to be worn under it to emphasize the lace sleeves, with a scarf and a necklace. The sweater has an A-line shape, with a triangle in each side of a body in stocking stitch knitted in the round until the armholes, then flat. The lace pattern is the highlight of the sweater and relishes the beautiful mercerized Egyptian cotton, called Luxor from Hifa, see ull. The English pattern is currently being test knitted in our group on Ravelry, please come and join us here: ravelry.

One of the group members on Ravelry asked for an additional size to be added to the pattern to fit her 120 cm/47 1/4″ bust, so I have added an XXL size to the range from a size S photographed on the model above. You can read more about the design and see the photos my photographer (read husband) took of me wearing size S, here: new-design-summer-leaves-sweater.


6 thoughts on “Professionally photographed: Summer Leaves Sweater

  1. I love this sweater and the merlot wine color you picked is beautiful.
    I went back to look again at your previous post when you finished the sweater – tell your husband I love his photos too. In fact I think his photos capture the lacy leaves just a little better ; )
    Can’t wait to try the English version of the sweater.

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