Shades of Winter

Shades of Winter, Knitting with Natural Wool, is a gorgeous book by Swedish designer Ingalill Johansson, photographed by Ewa K. Andinsson and published by Interweave. There are more than 35 wearable projects separated into 3 natural shades: Natural White, Gray and Beige and they have intriguing textures and shapes. But equally enchanting is the exotic setting, The Icehotel in the Sami village of Jukkasjärvi in Northern Sweden, see icehotel. “It is the world’s biggest ice hotel at 5,500 square meters and is built totally of snow and ice. During each winter season, about 50,000 people visit the hotel, mostly from abroad. The Icehotel has the Torne River as its source, and the hotel exists in harmony with the world around it. After every summer, artists from all around the world create and rebuild the hotel from scratch. It is a unique concept, created entirely from the perspective of being environmentally friendly.” Snow and ice were Ingalill’s first sources of inspiration and it shows in her equisite designs. The book captures the Nordic winter and inspires, I discovered it at Tanum in Oslo (also available in Swedish), see tanum or at Amazon (also available in German and Danish), see amazon.


6 thoughts on “Shades of Winter

  1. What a lovely book. We had a great documentary of the ice hotel being built shown in the UK this year. Off to check the amazon links now…

  2. It was very interesting to learn about the fascinating and lovely Icehotel. The book and knitwear designs are beautiful. I can really see the inspiration of ice and snow.

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