Summer View

It is summer, at least it does feel like it some days if not all! Here is the view from our terrace on one of the beautiful days. The awning is often in use so I can sit comfortably and knit on the terrace. What am I knitting at the moment? I am on the last part of a Clotheshorse project for their Fall/Winter issue and on the last part of a the Regal Purple design. It will be revealed. In the mean time I am enjoying our marvelous view and the bright colours of summer. I hope you are too!


12 thoughts on “Summer View

  1. Oh my!! What a gorgeous view, I think you would have trouble getting me off a terrace like that. I would be in my comfy lounge chair with a table by my elbow with all necessities of life – my needles and yarn, a book or too, my iPad and a tall cool beverage.

    • Yes, indeed! It is the place to be and I cannot wait to sit on it when the weather allows it. So I am working like mad while the weather is bad so I can be ready when the sun comes around to sit there! You do know how to enjoy your life, Mary Jo! It sounds like the perfect set up, my book would be an audio one so I can knit!

  2. That is incredible! You are truly blessed. What a wonderful career where you can do your work in any corner of this world. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ahh, I remember Norwegian summers. All too brief but so beautiful! I have wonderful childhood memories, I especially remember groups of us kids hiking not the hills, buckets firmly in hand, to pick blueberries. We would do that a
    all day – eating as many as we picked, I think – coming back in the evening (no problem as it didn’t get dark until 10 or so!) stained all over! In retrospect, our families probably used blueberry picking as modern parents use electronic gizmos: babysitters! 🙂

    • Yes, way to brief but so light! It is so hard to go to bed when the sun is still up! Yes, picking blueberries is still very popular among children and adults alike! Thank you for sharing your summer memory, Karen! 😀

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