On the Fjord

Summer is here and we have been out on the Oslo Fjord, by ferry this time, visiting my childhood paradise; the island of Lågøya. A private island owned by the Norwegian company Statoil, which my mother used to work for before she retired. Both she and my brother with his family still go there every summer, renting a basic cottage (read: with no electricity and no running water but with breathtaking views) and wind down. They enjoy being close to nature in the middle of the fjord, just before it narrows and approaches the small charming town of Drøbak. It is my nephew that throws himself into the big waves from the cruise ships these days while we are more than happy to simply watch them from ashore. Below is the view from Lågøya towards Søndre Langåra, an ideal spot to sunbathe or go for a swim or row around the island like we used to do when we were young…


8 thoughts on “On the Fjord

  1. Oh wow you recreate the imagery beautifully. It looks stunning. Must be a joy to see your nephew enjoying the places you did as a child.

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