Aran Bolero by Grete Jenssen

I am delighted to show you the beautiful Aran Bolero, Grete has knitted from my book “To rett, en vrang. Designstrikk” in Angora Soft in a zingy blue (30% angora, 50% wool and 20% polyamide, 50 g, 250 m/273 yds) ordered from Turkish online shop: Yarn Paradise. We had a knit-along on Facebook, just the two of us, with progress photos taken along the way. Well, it did not daunt Grete at all, she is now making her second one, this time in a wool mix yarn from Novita and taking part in the knit-along in my group on Ravelry. My bullfighter bolero, inspired by Dolce & Gabbano’s Spanish-inspired collection, is short but can be lengthened by knitting a belt. Mostly Merino is a yarn made of wool and mohair which creates sculptural cables. They and the bolero is meant to create a stir. The original yarn is unfortunately discontinued by can be replaced by Norsk Pelsullgarn from Hifa, see ull and compare here: marveng-puckett, the pattern is only available in my book in Norwegian and Finnish. Below is the stunning Francesca Golfetto, photographed by Kim Müller.


18 thoughts on “Aran Bolero by Grete Jenssen

  1. Linda! I adore this design–especially with the matching cummerbund. What a wonderful idea from a truly original knitting mind!

    • Oh, I am thrilled, you adore it, Ruth! Cummerbund is a new word for me. I had to knit it twice because I knitted the first in the round not allowing for extra ease to put it on, hehe! This second version has both buttons and a cord threaded between the button loops to minimize holes and add to the Spanish look! I am so chuffed you think so!

  2. Wonderful design, especially paired with the cumberbund/band. Grete’s blue version is gorgeous — what a beautiful color!

    • Thank you so much, Jean! I have just learnt that it is called cummerbund and not belt! I think so too and here second one is in the same zingy blue!

    • Thank you so much, Mary Jo! The red colour was perfect for my idea and the zingy blue is equally perfect for Grete’s strong blue eyes. I had a lot of fun setting the cables together as I am sure you can imagine as a designer yourself!

  3. Linda, when will you publish this magnificent pattern in English?! It is cruel depriving all your non-Scandanavian fans of the opportunity to create your masterpieces!

    • I wish I could, Susan! But my publisher is still trying to sell it abroad, and was hoping more countries than Finland would be interested in it! I am sorry to deprive you of this and other book designs, but I am working on new ones which will be released in English. I will of course publish news here and also in my Ravelry group. Thank you, for your comment and support, Susan!

    • Thank you so much, Karen! I do love the way the cummerbund captures the bolero and adds a layer to the design. I am not sure how well the bolero would work in a longer version, I think the lines need to be softer and less strict. Hence changing what I believe works so well in the short length. 😀

  4. I have GOT to move to a cold climate. I love your cozy styles, but could wear them about 3 days per year on southern California. sigh. Someday I’ll move North, can’t wait!!

    • I know the feeling, I would like to move to a warm climate for a period! But we have marvelous summer weather at the moment, so I can wait! Yes, I do love my cozy style and wrapping up! Thank you, Mary Ann!

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