Beaded Lace by Tilli Tomas

This is pure luxury in a skein, pure silk yarn hand painted in a rich jade shade with added petite glass beads. Yes, it is not Swarovski crystals which is what Tilli Tomas did add to another silk yarn years ago, but I guess the demand was limited due to the high price. Glass beads are more than good enough for me, and it is ever so nice not to having to thread them onto the yarn in a large quantity by hand. I did that once for a Rowan Yarns’ design that featured approximately 5 500 beads, and have now plans of repeating it, ever. The glass beads in Beaded Lace, is thread onto a separate thread, twisted together with the yarn strand. The gorgeous yarn is available in 29 shades, see here: tillitomas. What am I making? As you might have already guessed, it is a new design and that is all I can reveal at the moment. But I do relish working with this yarn…


6 thoughts on “Beaded Lace by Tilli Tomas

  1. I just know you’re going to design a luxurious item with this yarn. You chose a beautiful colour.

  2. This yarn indeed looks lovely … and I agree: threading copious amounts of beads onto threads seems a bit tedious. But then so is using a small crochet hook and hooking them one-by-one onto knit stitches! I look forward to seeing your new design!

    • Yes, the amount of time it took to string on beads felt never-ending! I did like it and wore it for awhile before I passed it on! So not as beautiful as I felt it should have been with the amount of work involved! Hence I have no need to repeat it!

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