Heather Lace Ridge

Another vibrant shade of Perle/Pearl, the fantastic 4-ply/fingering pure cotton yarn by Hifa, I could not resist! It is called Røsslyng/Heather after the plant, but you can see more tempting colours here: ull. What am I designing with it? A generous summer top without sleeves to be worn over a tank, made with a long rib to be worn low on the hips. I found a lace ridge pattern and decided I want to knit it with 2 strands held together to emphasize the structure of the stitch pattern as well as the divine yarn. It does make the knitting look rather more like macramé and I relish how exclusive it looks. Of course I needed more yarn to complete it, since I had not originally planned to use it double, but decided to swatch for a cowl in another complementing stitch pattern meanwhile. Yes, I did find a good match and the cowl is now in progress. To be continued!


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