Milanese Shawl by Gjertrud Louise Tretteteig

image_medium3I am delighted to show you the beautiful Milanese Shawl knitted by Gjertrud Louise Tretteteig in a divine blue called “Neptun Medium” in the original yarn Wollmeise Lace, see rohrspatzundwollmeise for more exceptional colors. She followed the pattern and blocked it lightly with the result that it became too long, and unraveled the last 10 pattern repeats to make it closer to the size intended. The pattern is close to 3 dimensional when knitting, and to keep the texture I do recommend only steaming and stretching not blocking since the measurements will differ. It is a lovely lace pattern blocked or not, but not one that is easy to memorize. I prefer shawls to be rectangular and with added buttons so that it can be buttoned into a shrug or a vest, if preferred as well as being worn like a large scarf. Below are the photos of the stunning Anna Pfeiffer taken by Kim Müller from my book (available in Norwegian and Finnish) and the single English pdf pattern available at Ravelry here: ravelry. Thank you, Gjertrud Louise!

Milanese Lace Shawl

Karen, blogger of the Sweaty Knitter has also just finished hers and you can read her review in this blog post: marvengs-milanese-shawl-pattern-a-review. She writes: “The Milanese Shawl beautifully showcases Marveng’s skills in designing knitwear.  First, in choosing to use the Milanese lace stitch, Marveng selected an interesting truelace stitch (i.e., each row contains a lace pattern).  The Milanese lace pattern is a stitch pattern that is both asymmetrical and undulating and results in material that is palpably three dimensional.” I am overwhelmed!


6 thoughts on “Milanese Shawl by Gjertrud Louise Tretteteig

  1. Gjertrude’s shawl looks lovely indeed! It looks wider than your pattern … A result of blocking? Now I am tempted to knit a swatch and block and see how that looks … 🙂

    • I agree! Yes, she did a light blocking and it came out 190 x 60 cm. That was too big for her so she unraveled 10 repeats until it measured 160 cm. Yes, I understand. It looks beautiful blocked too, showing more of the lines of the lace pattern, but I prefer the steamed version with the texture intact.

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