Amirisu Submission for Fall/Winter 2014

amirisu3_cover-e1375442054419I have wanted to submit a design to Amirisu for awhile now, and after an encouragement from one of my Ravelry friends, I needed no more convincing. Amirisu is a stunning digital  magazine dedicated to knitting & related crafts, and the only one in Japan of its kind. It was launched in August 2012 by two friends: Tokuko and Meri with the vision of bringing together the best of Japanese knitting and overseas knitting, as well as aspiring to build a community – their dedicated Ravelry group is a proof of their success in doing just that. Hence the magazine is written in both English and Japanese, and published online twice a year in February and August. I was fascinated to read the interview with the Belarusian designer Olga Buraya-Kefelian, who I admire, in their latest issue (see page 12-13). I have registered as a contributing designer, and e-mailed my submission including two swatch photographs; a sketch drawn by my Creative Director (read husband); concept info; yarn suggestion; and construction notes. Before I began contemplating my design I studied their Fall/Winter 2014 Mood board on Pinterest, and what immediately captured my imagination was the leaf/nature sculptures. So no surprise there really. You can read about their selection progress on their blog: call-for-submission. I will not have to wait long if my design is selected, only until 16th February, so I will keep my fingers crossed since I would love to be part of this fantastic magazine, hence have one of my patterns translated into Japanese…


6 thoughts on “Amirisu Submission for Fall/Winter 2014

  1. I didn’t find out about this wonderful magazine until the call for submissions, but I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next. Allow me to add my good luck wishes to Tracy’s!

  2. Hello Linda,
    Is the translated Knit with Speedy Knitting Needles design book available anywhere for purchase?
    Always enjoy your blog.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Kathryn, the book has not been translated so far, but I will forward your e-mail address to Kristin Wiola so that she can keep you posted. Thank you so much, Kathryn!

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