Stokke Bygdetun/Museum

DSCN1711I spent last weekend at this amazing small museum consisting of historic buildings moved to this location during the last decades. Stokke Bygdetun was established in 1978  and consists of 5 buildings with the 6th currently being built. The Museum is in a beautiful forest with paths leading through it. All the buildings are currently in use, and I was fortunate enough to hold a workshop in Professional Finishing and Fairisle organized by Stokke Husflidslag/Handicraft Association in a small timber house called the Brewery House built in 1852 in Horten, rebuilt in 2003-2004. Stokke Husflidslag uses the building for their meetings, workshops, knit cafés and as a weaving studio (there is a small adjacent room with looms), while the basement has a large baker’s oven as well as a meeting room and is used by the local women’s institute. Here is the schedule for Stokke Husflidslag.

DSCN1709There were only 3 people signed on, but the workshop went ahead, so we all had an enjoyable weekend with plenty of knitting. I was fortunate to stay with Solveig Nodland, the study leader and herself a weaving teacher, on her mobile phone in the background. At her home, Solveig has a weaving studio approximately the size of our former London flat, with 3 giant looms, but no wonder since she and her husband runs Vevstol. The weather was beautiful and sunny on Saturday so we had our lunch on the benches outside, together with a group of visitors. The museum barn, the red building on the right  below, was rented for a confirmation on Sunday, so we had the chance of studying a range of local national costumes worn by the guests. Unfortunately, for the guests it was raining on Sunday, but it was perfect for knitting. I would be very happy to come back here to hold more workshops.

DSCN1713I am thrilled to take part in two knitting festivals this autumn: Strik Bornholm in Denmark  4th to 7th September and Strikkehelg in Stavanger 15th and 16th November. More details and a complete list of workshop will come later.


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  1. What a fabulous setting, for one of your marvellous workshops. Glad to hear it went well, and was so enjoyable.

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