Design in Progress: Carla Coat

DSCN0711My Carla Shoes in Wine by Monica Stålvang needed a coat to accompany them on an evening out, I decided. For awhile the design was a dress, but a coat is easier to wear and combine with other outfits. However, it did take me awhile to find a color and texture I loved, since I felt the shoes need quite a bit of drama to make the coat as stunning as the shoes. Norsk Pelsull/Pelt wool by Hifa in burgundy – ruby really – with its lustre was my first choice, but more volume and texture was necessary. So I tried to knit it double, which was closer to what I had in mind but still not perfect. I needed to go yarn hunting, and knew I did not have any contestants in my stash so no need for a stash dive.

The revelation dawned on me when I saw Rowan Lima  yarn in La Paz, a subtle darker plum semi-solid shade, and knew it would add the essential volume and texture to the Pelsull. Next, what needle size do I choose; I wanted it dense and tested 5 mm/US 8 which was hard to knit with, I tried 6 mm/US 10 (read: mega size for me who likes to be on a size 3 mm/US 2.5) which made the fabric too loose; finally the winner: 5.5 mm/US 9 and the recommended needle size for Rowan Lima.

The sleeve has a braid framed by reverse stocking stitch and double seed/moss stitch, then stocking stitch under the arm. I have worked the sleeves in the round but will make the A-line body flat, possibly with 3 braids on the back. The fronts on the other hand have not agreed on their pattern yet, but will very soon since the pattern will be available late August in Familiens Strikkebok in Norwegian, then in English on Ravelry. The photo shoot is currently being planned. To be continued.


11 thoughts on “Design in Progress: Carla Coat

  1. Wow Linda from the view of that sleeve you have created a wonderful combination. Beautiful beautiful, beautiful!

  2. It is going to be a beautiful coat! Funny, I am thinking about a lengthy jacket myself. I would not opt for a coat because it would not get a lot of wear in our climate. Lovely colour!

  3. I look forward to seeing this design… a coat with a bit of drama! As someone who has begun to dabble in design, I must say how impressed I am that though the pattern (on the fronts) is not yet decided, the knitting pattern’s publication and photo shoot are all but scheduled.

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