Professionally Photographed: Autumn Symphony

Petbe_20140606 2122 087I am delighted to show you my Autumn Symphony Jacket with Wrap and Tweed Belt professionally photographed by Petter Berg, the in-house photographer at the magazine Familien. Especially so, since it shows the set worn in different ways. Here is my introduction to the pattern: Leaves cover this A-lined jacket knitted in one piece with a false seam in a middle of the stocking stitch panel. The sleeves are knitted in the round with leaves up to the shaping where the lace pattern is changed to reverse stocking stitch. A belt in autumn coloured tweed lengthens the jacket and introduces the orange wrap. Or why not wear the wrap as a belt and opposite. Choose your three favorite colors in Ask – Hifa 2, then make your outfit using a 3.5 mm/US 4 knitting needle. I choose three beautiful melange colors but there are many more to choose from here: Ask. The Norwegian pattern will be published in Familien, probably in late September. The English pattern has been test knitted, in stunning color combinations; grey tones with apple green; blue tones; natural tones, lilac plus lime just to mention a few and will be released shortly in my Ravelry Store.

Petbe_20140606 2122 091The Jacket and Tweed Belt is available in sizes S (M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL) while the wrap is one size but can easily be adjusted by adding or removing pattern repeats. A few of the test knitters preferred to lengthen the Tweed Belt into a skirt by adding extra length, while others continued to extend their outfit with a hat, wrist warmers and a narrow belt to go with the skirt. I am ever so pleased when I can inspire knitters to make their own modifications and continue with their own designs!

Petbe_20140606 2122 099I knitted the body in one piece to the armholes, with a fake seam stitch in reverse stockinette stitch, then separated it into three parts. The sleeves on the other hand are knitted in the round. The leaf pattern is discontinued where the bind-off interferes with it on the sleeves and the fronts. The wrap is worked in the round and can easily be adjusted by adding or removing pattern repeats. The belt is worked flat and shaped.

Petbe_20140606 2122 103The Lacy Rib pattern on the wrap is easy to memorize unlike the Leaf pattern on the jacket. During test knitting it was discovered that the k3tog is loose and larger than the k3tog tbl, which can be fixed by working k2tog, then move the resulting stitch back to left needle and pass the next stitch over. Or if you prefer, you can choose to adjust the size of the increase by working the second yarn over twice, and then letting the second one off your needle on the next round. You can study my knitted sample in detail above.

Petbe_20140606 2122 080For those of you who choose to make the outfit when the pattern is available, I hope you will enjoy doing it as much as I did!


4 thoughts on “Professionally Photographed: Autumn Symphony

  1. Oh Linda the photos are wonderful. I’m thrilled to bits they took lots of pictures to show the possible variety in styling. Truly Marvengulous!

    • I am delighted that you think so, Janie! Yes, so am I and pleased that they used all the options except one – probably the least popular where the belt is used around the bust! Thank you!

  2. Linda, this ensemble is astounding! The model resembles a magician’s assistant with all the transformations. Wonderful!

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