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jul_bolera4Last Saturday I went to an event called Christmas at the Artist Dwellings located at the suburb of Bøler, close to the border to Marka – the forest that surrounds Oslo – where 12 artists in the fields of graphic, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry took part, and opened their homes & studios. The poster is drawn by Kjetil Fornes who together with Anne Thomassen also housed the coffeeshop that occupied every inch of their studio as well as kitchen and living room. We were many that came to visit. No wonder when you see the impressive list of artists who live in these artist dwellings, see trolltun.net. As the poster says we were welcome to art, culture and for a walk at the edge of the forest. I was invited by Kaja Gjedebo, whose jewelry I borrowed for the photo shoot I had in October for the next issue of Made by Me, due out at the beginning of February. You might recognize the statement paper & scissors silver earrings or go back here and look: sneak-peak-made-by-me-photoshoot. I was delighted to be able to look at a much larger selection, and many were tempted to buy themselves Christmas gifts on the spot!


I can reveal that I did not, since I have a taste for expensive jewelry, preferably gold. But it is ever so good to know what I really want, and to make sure that I also would be able to borrow other stunning pieces for my future photo shoots!

DSCN0032Below is a list of the participating artists from this year’s event. It was such a treat to come into their homes and studios to see, not only their work, but also to take a step into their world and gain a bit of a vision! Take a look at the photo gallery from the event and you will understand what I mean in a flash: julemarked. Thank you to each one, and hope to see you next year!

Arild Yttri – copper plate art
Anne Thomassen – ceramics
Dina Hald – enamel jewellry
Einar og Kirvil Stoltenberg – pewter casting
Heidi Rognskog Mella – painting / drawing
Kaja Gjedebo – jewelry
Kåre Bondesen – knives and watercolors
Marianne Boberg – graphics
Mikkel Hald – product design
Solveyg Schafferer – sculpture
Torunn Skjelland – painter and gardener


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  1. I love the poster (invitation) for the event – a lovely scene. The rest of the sites are wonderful, with such a wide cross-section of artisans!

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